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Volunteer Day with Green Haven Project

On Sunday, March 26, we volunteered with the Green Haven Project, a local Miami non-profit, to build and maintain their community vegetable garden for underserved neighborhoods in downtown Miami. From weeding to harvesting, we definitely had a farm fit workout, good for the community and good for the soul!

Our volunteer days are way to inspire community engagement will furthering our social outreach initiatives to support local non-profits in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Join us us next time!


Green Haven Project is a non-profit organization with a focus on creating community gardens and sustainable eco-systems in areas that are predominantly known as food deserts. These are urban areas where residents generally reside in low income housing with little to no access to fresh produce within a 10 mile radius. They also focus on providing education on horticulture and nutrition to youth. The food grown is given away to local residents free of charge. Their mission is to empower residents to live a healthy-sustainable life, through fresh locally grown food.


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