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Cafe Namaste is bringing yoga to the homeless in Miami

We’re bringing the high vibes and inspiration to Chapman Partnership, the center to empower the homeless on Saturday, Jan 25 from 9-11am. Yep, yoga, fitness, inspiration, and Pinky, the flamingo. Our goal is to give the residents an empowering and fun experience to start the New Year.

We will offer three yoga classes to men, women, and families along with intention setting for the new year.

Chapman Partnership’s mission is to provide comprehensive programs and services in collaboration with others that empower our residents with dignity and respect to overcome homelessness, and achieve and maintain long-term self-sufficiency.


We’re on the lookout for uplifting and inspiring yoga teachers, fitness coaches, and mega smiles. If you are a yoga teacher or fitness trainer, you should have insurance and be certified to lead a class.


Everyone deserves a chance to celebrate life and thrive. If you are a healthy beverage brand and would like to set up an exhibitor table, please let us know 😎 We also welcome giveaways to share with the residents.

Send us an email if you’d like to be involved. 💛 Namaste!


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