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the cafe.



The place you've been looking for to just be. We're not a real cafe, but we are a collection of experiences and we create the space before or after events where everyone feels welcome to just be themselves.

Relax, reset and recharge at our pop-up cafes. We go to coffee shops to connect, learn, or work and we’re bridging that culture with wellness.

An inspiring space to bring out the best version of you with wellness, learning opportunities, service and connections.

the place to


Meet like-minded people, bring your friends, and join in. We understand the value of human connection and we'll provide the space and experiences to create them.

the place to discover new food + drinks

There's nothing like inspiring wellness and forming new connections with healthy food and beverages. Part of our event experience is to bring new plant-based food and healthy beverages for you to try. From local restaurant partners to national brands, we'll share it with our community.

Pop & Bottle
Suja Juice
Suja Juice
Natalie's OJ
Agua Bucha
Rise Brewing

the place to
support local.

We partner and feature local wellness brands and goods that are sharing their passion with the world. From eco-friendly leggings companies to local handcraft crystals, our pop-up market will be sure to inspire!

Sometimes you need a break from the hustle and just enjoy the art of being. We offer those special opportunities to explore your inner child, unleash your artist or simply have fun to help you re-connect with who you are.

the place to be(you).