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Cafe Namaste's Project: Namaste serves the community to improve the lives around us.


Our goal is to empower individuals to be agents of change by providing volunteer programs to the community, partnering with existing non-profits and offering wellness programs to the communities in need. 

what we strive for

We live in a world where people feel inspired to help their own communities and those in need. We live in a world where people have the necessary tools  to live healthier lives with the ability to meet life's challenges. We live in a world where people are happy, healthy, and feel supported.

what we do

We work with local organizations focused on empowerment, wellness, and human development. We believe long-term relationships are a key to success and making an impact. 

In addition to offering volunteer programs, we offer wellness classes, events and general support to under-served populations, including homeless centers and to children in need..​

Our hope is that we strengthen community involvement in building a better future for all of us.

  • Improve lives through wellness programs and classes 

  • Support development and livelihood opportunities in communities that have been underserved. 

  • Empower community members to be agents of change and instill a sense of ownership in development. 

  • Strengthen community ties and create more compassionate human beings.

Community Volunteer Days

As a community, we hold monthly volunteer programs in partnership with local non-profits to help busy professionals make time to serve. Some activities include gardening or meal services at local homeless centers.

Offer Wellness Classes

We offer yoga and fitness classes to underserved populations and homeless centers. 

Collect Donations

Around the holidays, we collect household items and clothing for homeless shelters. 

Clothes Donation
Raise Funds

In the past, we have held donation yoga classes online for Chapman Partnership and the Miami Diaper Bank.


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