Cafe Namaste™ is a holistic lifestyle community that empowers people to thrive by providing tools and experiences for everyday living. Cafe Namaste offers events, workshops, and classes.

What began as a Yoga class grew as a lifetyle. It began in Miami as an outdoor Yoga class with brunch afterward as a way to connect the students with teachers.

The Meaning

Namaste is a Sanskrit word of which the word, Yoga, is also derived from with Hindu roots. Namah + te means "I bow to you" and it is a respectful greeting or salutation. Most of the classical Yoga texts and practices are in Sanskrit.


The Why

We want to live in a world where people thrive and find joy in everyday living. Our goal is to bring out the most authentic version of you, the true you, by giving you tools and experiences to meet life as it is, even with its challenges.

Our Values

Meet the Founder

Samantha Reynolds is the founder of Cafe Namaste™.

Prior to studying yoga, Sam lived overseas for six years in the Czech Republic, South Africa, and Rwanda working in higher education and international development. She managed study abroad programs and led historical tours throughout Europe with a focus on history and the Holocaust. She fell in love with Rwanda after spending four weeks on a human rights and cultural exchange program in 2012. A year later, she moved back to work for a non-profit that empowers over 500 orphaned teens. In addition to working with large donors and organizations, her greatest role was being a mentor to 16 young girls.

After trekking the globe, Sam realized that at the very core of being human is the desire for meaningful connections, both inward and outward. Upon returning to the US, she began studying yoga as a means to reconnect with herself and something greater.


She founded Cafe Namaste to help people feel empowered and inspired. In addition to events and workshops, Sam offers volunteer programs to engage the community in service, one of her core values. 

She holds a Master's degree in International Administration from the University of Miami.