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Colorfest 2021 Highlights at X Miami

Wow! Who knew Bollywood Dance would bring so much joy to Miami! Pooja Uberoi, founder of Ikigai USA, brought the energy to X Miami at our annual Colorfest, a cultural event highlighting Indian-owned brands and teachers. It was a colorful event with dance, yoga, Indian food and a pop-up shop featuring Indian goods.

After spending two decades in the dance world in India, Pooja moved to New York and started Ikigai USA and BollyJazz. Pooja is a trained E-RYT 200-Hr Hatha yoga teacher from an institute in Bangalore, India. She has been inspired by her own journey to create something for the world through dance. She believes dance has the power to heal and connect the world and must be part of everyone's life. Her Company IKIGAIUSA helps and encourages people to follow their passion and mission by encouraging them to follow their IKIGAI. Pooja currently shuttles between New York City and Miami to teach students in both cities. To learn more about Pooja, visit her website.

Today wouldn't have been possible without the following local Florida companies: Chik Monk Coffee, Diya Miami restaurant, Rupees Inc, and to our host, X Miami Apartments.

To learn more about our upcoming events and programs, check our events page.

Ten percent of our sales went directly to Khalsa Aid to support the humanitarian efforts in India.


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