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Event Recap: Summer Chill – A Day to Relax, Reset, and Recharge at Society Wynwood

June 23, 2024: What an incredible day of relaxation and connection at Society Wynwood for the Summer Chill event! This past Sunday, our vibrant community came together to beat the heat and enjoy a day of wellness, networking, and fun on Miami’s newest rooftop pool deck and social apartment community.

Society Wynwood proved to be the ultimate destination, offering a stunning backdrop for a refreshing poolside yoga and brunch social. The event kicked off at 10:30 AM with a serene Chill Flow + Breathwork session led by the talented Caroline Oyler and Sam Reynolds. Their expert guidance through mindful movements and breath techniques set a perfect tone for the day, helping everyone stretch, relax, and find their zen.

After our rejuvenating yoga session, attendees enjoyed a lively Wellness Social & Brunch from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM. The rooftop transformed into a wellness oasis, featuring live sax music that added a soothing rhythm to the morning. Guests mingled and savored delicious, healthy bites from our amazing food partners:

  • Sweetgreen delighted taste buds with their Shroomami bowls and hummus crunch salads.

  • Green G Juice and Pop&Bottle provided invigorating cold brews and oat milk lattes.

  • Suja Juice refreshed everyone with their crisp, revitalizing juices.

The Wellness Lounge was a hit, offering unique experiences such as:

  • Cryofacials by the Kov Cryotherapy to rejuvenate and refresh.

  • Cold plunges by Brrfect for a thrilling reset.

  • A Hydration Station by Waterdrop, ensuring everyone stayed hydrated.

Attendees also enjoyed lawn games, ice breakers, and the chance to win special gifts, including Waterdrop Bottles, Qunno Energy Bars, and Good Energy tees for the first ten early birds.

Special thanks to our incredible sponsors and partners for making this event so memorable:

  • Sweetgreen

  • Green G Juice

  • Pop&Bottle

  • Suja Juice

  • The Kov Cryotherapy

  • Brrfect

  • Waterdrop

  • Qunno

And of course, a huge thank you to our yoga instructor, Caroline Oyler for guiding us through a truly transformative experience. Your expertise and passion for wellness left everyone feeling inspired and refreshed.

We’re already looking forward to our next gathering! Stay tuned for more events that offer relaxation, connection, and fun. Until then, keep that Summer Chill spirit alive, and we can’t wait to see you again at Society Wynwood!

Come together, unwind, and recharge – see you next time!

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