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The Good Energy Market

Interested in joining us? 

We carefully curate our events for the ultimate positive experience. 

Unlike like markets, these intimate events give you exclusive access and long interaction time to a group of individuals.

Our events have anywhere from 2-6 vendors per event, so you can share your story with our audience. 


Vendor Market Fees


This is for our established brands and businesses.


$150 - Table space at the event 

company mention on social, website.

Please contact us about sponsorship packages.

Small Business + Local Startups

$100 - Table space at the event, 

company mention on social, website, and residential building websites

If you purchase 2+ table spaces, there is a discount of $25 per event. 

*Companies and small solo entrepreneurs less than 6 months old can take advantage of this small biz offer.



Studies show that events and experiences improve how audiences feel about brands and this is a great opportunity to align your brand with a memorable and healthy experience. We'll do the work of putting the event together and representing your brand pre, during, and after the event. If you're interested in sponsoring an event or series, contact us. 

Some Key Benefits:

  • Brand exposure and brand trust

  • Product launch and education

  • Access to ideal customer and direct face time

  • Reconnect with existing customers

  • Lead generation with warm prospects 

  • Increase social media interactions ​


We can do add-ons. If your company needs an extra boost or more exposure, let us help. Here are a few examples: 

+ Dedicated posts

+ IG Giveaways 

+ Gift bags 

+ Photography 


Thanks for submitting!

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