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Daily Reminder to Practice Peace.

Were you curious about what Pooja, yoga teacher and educator, said at the end of class on Sunday? Learn more about this peace mantra below:

Lokah Samastah

Sukinho Bhavanthu

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti hi

Lokah (world/ universe)

Samastah ( the whole/ entire)

Sukinho (happiness/ peace)

Bhavanthu (to be)

Shanti (peace)

Let the whole world be blessed with happiness and peace, or

I wish the universe and its beings happiness and peace, or

May everyone in the whole world be happy and peaceful.

"It is a peace mantra. When we say at the end of a practice then it becomes a prayer. It invites you to think of the universe and to wish everyone what you wish for yourself, which is peace and happiness. The reason why it is sung at the end of a yoga practice is because we experience peace and pure joy in our practice so we remind ourselves to spread the same joy and peace to the universe and its beings. We can chant this anywhere and everywhere, at any time."

-Pooja S., yoga teacher and educator

Try using this uplifting mantra in your daily life. Let it be a reminder for both personal and collective peace.


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