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X Miami

Since May 2019, Cafe Namaste has been an integral part of the X Miami experience from attracting new prospects, engaging existing residents with memorable experiences, building brand loyalty and community engagement.

What We Do

We have been privileged to work with X Miami, recognizing the immense value of its amenity spaces in enhancing the desirability and overall value of the property. With its expansive rooftop areas, a vibrant co-working lounge, and much more, this building was purposefully designed to foster community events and connections.

Working closely with the developer, PMG, we took pride in curating tailored events and classes that specifically catered to the evolving needs and desires of the millennial workforce and young professional community in downtown Miami. X Miami is a global property, attracting residents from all corners of the world, and we aimed to create experiences that would inspire wellness, foster a sense of community, celebrate culture, and promote personal growth.

By leveraging the unique amenities within X Miami, we orchestrated engaging events that brought people together, encouraging connections and shared experiences. From wellness workshops to cultural showcases, from networking events to educational sessions, we crafted a diverse range of experiences that appealed to the diverse backgrounds and interests of the residents.

Our focus was on curating events that not only provided wellness and entertainment but also facilitated personal and professional growth. We aimed to create a vibrant community within the building, where residents could expand their networks, engage in meaningful interactions, and develop a sense of belonging.


Through our collaborative efforts with PMG and the entire X Miami team, we are proud to have contributed to making X Miami a thriving hub of community, creativity, and inspiration.


Using the property's unique spaces, we launched a series of monthly community events and classes to create one-of-a kind experiences that leave a lasting impression with its residents and the city.

Weekly Programming +
Pop-up Workshops

Residents appreciate consistency and variety in wellness and learning opportunities. We have offered weekly yoga, dance workshops and bootcamps to keep residents engaged.

Photography & Storytelling

Using our in-house creative division, we brought the property to life through its visualizing content, brand partnerships, influencer marketing and resident interaction.

Sample Flyers

Resident Perks



From yoga to dance, health is our top priority from the food we offer to the events we host.



We help form lasting friendships and community within a space with our ice breakers and magic touch.


Local Discounts

Special discounts and giveaways from brand partners and local restaurants.


Volunteer Days

Residents have access to our monthly volunteer meetups in the community

How Residents Feel

Swipe through to read what residents are saying about us. It's our goal to leave people better than when they arrived.

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Latest News

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