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Holiday Reset and Donation Drive

This is what community looks like. We are a collective, a group of people that share the common goal of elevated living through wellness, personal growth, community service, meaningful connection and having fun while doing it. Thank you for making this space what it is because we’re #bettertogether.

Featured teachers: Pooja Mamadapalli @yogasthithi + Cathy Gomez @yogawithcathyc + Samantha Reynolds @journeysforthesoul (host)

Local Business Network: Healthnomics @mannythephysio + Lit Candles Miami @litcandlesmia + Enlighten Moon @enlightenmoonco +

F&B Sponsors: Qunno Energy Bars @qunno + SmartWater @smartwater

To all of you who donated to our homeless center essentials drive for Chapman Partnership, to those that participated and to all of you for showing up on a Sunday evening for collective growth and development. Thank you. 💛

Stay tuned for 2023!


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