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Art Basel Power Flow Yoga Event at Tesla

December 9, Miami: The Tesla Design District became a sanctuary for serenity and synergy during the Art Basel weekend's Power Flow event at Tesla, hosted by Cafe Namaste founder, Samantha Reynolds. Participants, adorned in vibrant Art Basel hues, engaged in a dynamic power flow amid the sleek surroundings of Tesla vehicles, experiencing a harmonious fusion of yoga and cutting-edge technology.

The Wellness Social that followed transformed the space into a hub of connection, as attendees savored bites and refreshments from our partners such as Suja Juice, Pop & Bottle Oat Milk Lattes, Smartwater, and Qunno Energy Bars.

Amidst the electric buzz of Tesla's ambiance, the event also incorporated an innovative icebreaker: attendees were prompted to reflect on what success meant to them, fostering meaningful connections and conversations.

With a "pay what you want" ticketing approach, Cafe Namaste encouraged attendees to contribute based on the value they placed on the unique experience, aligning with the philosophy that commitment should mirror personal appreciation. In this dynamic intersection of wellness, creativity, and technology, the Tesla Power Flow not only charged participants physically but also sparked connections and reflections that lingered long after the event concluded.


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