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Supercharge Miami Wellness Social at Tesla Design District

This past Sunday, November 19, the Tesla Store in Design District, Miami, transformed into a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation for our special pre-holiday wellness event. The atmosphere was charged with positive energy as attendees immersed themselves in an evening designed to supercharge their well-being just in time for the upcoming holiday season.

The festivities kicked off at 4:30 PM with a Wellness Social, providing an opportunity to explore our partner brands, indulge in treats from Forager Project, Courtney's Cookies, Qunno Energy Bars, The Rounds Zero Waste Delivery, Green G Juice & Acai, Smartwater, and more. Attendees also had the chance to test drive a Tesla and meet the new Optimus robot, adding a touch of tech excitement to the wellness gathering.

The main class began at 5:30 PM with an introductory session and icebreaker to set the tone for relaxation. Led by Catherine Gomez and Samantha Reynolds, founder of Cafe Namaste , the class featured light stretches and yoga poses to recharge the body, followed by a 20-30 minute sound bowl relaxation. Participants, lying down on their mats, experienced a soothing auditory journey. The session concluded with a meditation to encourage tuning inward and embracing tranquility.

Throughout the event, participants were encouraged to bring canned goods/non-perishables to contribute to the Green Haven Project, our partner non-profit focused on creating community gardens and sustainable ecosystems in food deserts. The mission of Green Haven Project is to empower residents in low-income housing areas with little access to fresh produce by providing education on horticulture and nutrition.

The event adopted a "pay what you want" model to celebrate a unique version of Friendsgiving, allowing attendees to contribute based on their appreciation for the experience. This flexibility, combined with the limited number of tickets, ensured a committed and engaged community, all coming together to prioritize well-being.

Cafe Namaste™, the driving force behind the event, showcased its commitment to creating transformative experiences that inspire, empower, and connect individuals on their holistic well-being journey. The vibrant and inclusive community in Miami continues to grow, offering classes, volunteer days, private events, and corporate partnerships.

We extend our gratitude to everyone who joined us at Tesla Design District for this evening of wellness, connection, and community building. Stay tuned for more transformative experiences as we continue to promote well-being in all aspects—physical, mental, spiritual, and social.


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