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The Why Behind Cafe Namaste.

For those of you new to Cafe Namaste, welcome! I’m Sam and I’m the architect of Cafe Namaste. I started it in the summer of 2019 with the intention of creating a wholesome space for self-discovery, connection, wellness and finding joy in everyday living. The tools and experiences I share with you are tools I’ve used to rediscover joy, harmony and contentment.

I wasn’t always in the wellness space. I worked for seven years in higher education and then international development in the Czech Republic and Rwanda. I have a Master’s in International Administration and European Law. The nature of my work was I would say intense for most. I led educational programs focused on the Holocaust around Europe and later moved to Rwanda to work for a non-profit to empower orphaned youth as a result of the 1994 genocide.

When I returned to the United States in 2014, I was exhausted and overwhelmed. So, I changed my whole way of being from the foods I ate, to taking my first group fitness class and ultimately studying yoga as a science for self-realization. I explored dance classes, I read new books and I redesigned my life for spiritual growth. But my greatest teacher by far has been the sudden loss of my own mother and grandparents within a year’s time. Death serves as the ultimate reminder of our limited existence.

The human experience is filled with trials, pain, and struggles. But I’ve found the same tools still hold true for meeting life’s challenges - community, connection, wellness and rediscovering joy in everyday living.

As I approach another year and another birthday, I wanted to share my birthday wish for you. Life is just a short blip of time and I hope you remember that your own self-discovery is the greatest gift you can give the world and yourself. Whatever you choose, choose it with love, kindness and complete presence. See how your life unfolds when you live in a space of love and gratitude over fear. If you ever need a reminder or a space to simply be, meet me at the Cafe Namaste. You’re always welcome here.

Keep shining and thriving,


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