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World Food Volunteer Day with Green Haven Project

On Saturday, Oct 14, 10:00am we teamed up with the Green Haven Project, a local Miami non-profit, to build and maintain a thriving vegetable garden right in the heart of downtown. It was a chance to give back to our community. We open these days across all of our community - our partners, attendees, staff, and anyone who'd like to give back. As the United Nations officially recognizes World Food Day on Oct 16, we stepped forward as a united community, partnering with various organizations, to create a day of profound impact.


Lunch was provided by our friends at Bolay Kitchen (Brickell) along with Smartwater for all of the volunteers.

Green Haven Project is a non-profit organization with a focus on creating community gardens and sustainable eco-systems in areas that are predominantly known as food deserts. These are urban areas where residents generally reside in low income housing with little to no access to fresh produce within a 10 mile radius. They also provide education on horticulture and nutrition to youth. The food grown is given away to local residents free of charge. Their mission is to empower residents to live a healthy-sustainable life, through fresh locally grown food.

To learn more about Cafe Namaste's impact days in the community, learn more on our website.


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