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Sunset Yoga & Sound Bowl Social at Mana Common

On June 1, we had a special anniversary edition of our Sunset Yoga and Sound Bowl Wellness Social at Mana Common in partnership with Mana Impact in downtown Miami. This evening celebrated the power of community and connection as we concluded Mental Health Awareness Month which also coincided with Cafe Namaste's 4-year anniversary.

The wellness social was sponsored by our partner brands and the Sound Bowl relaxation was led by Cathy Gomez after class with Sam Reynolds.

Yoga is a profound system that has mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. Our hope is that we can offer you tools, learning opportunities, connection, and service (volunteerism) to help you thrive!


A Note from the Founder… When I first moved back to the United States in 2014, I was completely removed from any feeling of community. I had just spent the last six years abroad and most notably working in Rwanda at a non-profit youth village, or utopian community in rural Africa. We didn’t have Instagram, sometimes not even running water but the depth of connection and purpose was profound. So when I moved back to the US, it was jarring and in a way isolating. The first community I discovered was through Yoga at a small studio in Fort Myers, FL. That studio became my new home in a country that I didn’t quite feel I belonged to. If you'd like to read the first article I published in Yoga International in 2015, read my journey here.

The work and experiences in my life have led me to create what I do today. Four years ago on June 2, I hosted my first Cafe Namaste event to inspire intentional living, meaningful connection, with a bit of fun (because it’s Miami). Today, it’s built on on personal well-being, impact, and joy while still being rooted in the science of Yoga. I hope at the very least what I offer to this world is uplifting and joyful. With Gratitude, Sam



Thank you to our local and national partners for bringing the event to life.


Learn about our non-profit partners in Miami, Green Haven Project and Chapman Partnership

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