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Yoga, Kanye and Brunch at X Miami

Live Kanye West music and yoga? Well that was EPIC! Cafe Namaste for the win! We celebrated an epic morning based on community and connection on Super Bowl Sunday. It's always incredible to see how our empowered community is growing. We're here to inspire and connect, and we hope you felt that at Cafe Namaste. Thank you so much for joining us for SuperSoul Sunday. We hope you had an amazing start to the big game.


Like what you tried at Cafe Namaste? Follow the brands we featured and check them out below: GTS Kombucha, Qunno , Rebirth Elixirs, Denada Empanadas , Live Ultimate , and Athlete Remedy.

Would you like to be featured at the next event? Please send us an email to inquire about vendor tables and sponsorship opportunities.


Our next Cafe Namaste at X Miami is Sunday, March 1 for the ColorFest! Yep, we'll be decked out in more colors to celebrate Spring. Join us for yoga, sample Indian food, and wear color!

Thank you to the volunteers who made this event possible. If you’re interested in being an event volunteer, please apply online.


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